Chameleon eyes closed all the time didn’t eat for three weeks and barely moved

Pasta pals😁
So glad Rigatoni is getting back to himself. You should start a Rigatoni Diary and note the important things. That way it makes it so much easier when visiting a vet and if there is a repeat, you can see if it’s an annual thing or what. In some respects they are so delicate and others mind blowing troopers. Especially veileds. Tough little tanks. They are very slow healers too so patience is a requirement being a cham caregiver/nurse. So happy he is better. You did good. So glad you found your way here. Always something to learn.
Just going through your care it is mostly on point with the exception of the fake plants but the basic most important components are all there... I think your cage size may be off. I have not seen a screen cage that is 3X3X2. Here are the things that stand out for me though. At roughly 1 year old he should be at least three times his current weight. The fact that you feed him really well daily to every other day means something is interfering with him gaining. This most commonly is a parasite issue.

My concern is all the meds they gave you to use... So not sure if they explained their uses. Meloxicam is a pain medication/anti inflamitory. I would be very hesititant to use this one unless there is a real reason to. This one can reduce appetite. Panacur is a broad spectrum de wormer. Will treat quite a few parasites this one also has the side effect of reduced appitite along with a few others. However I have not heard of giving this daily, everytime I have heard of this one being used it is more like one dose every week to two weeks until a fecal tests negative. Enrofloxacin otherwise known as baytril is an antibactieral medication. Used to treat all sorts of infections. Quite commonly used in the reptile hobby... Now all meds can compromise their little bodies. And even cause issues with their renal function.

I personally would not be giving the meloxicam. Not sure why they gave this and with the other meds it is just a lot to throw on his little body. I also do not understand why they would want you to give the panacur daily. I would double check with them about this. But I do expect that they figured there was a parasite issue. Granted without a fecal sample they would not know what parasite to treat for. Issue here is that there are some parasites that panacur does not treat which is why a fecal is generally recommended to make sure the correct medication is being used to solve the parasite issue. The baytril I think they perscribed because if there is a bacterial infection this would clear it.
I just wanted to show you that I also was told to give the dewormer every day, so maybe it has something to do with the dose and it can be done differently.


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