KRUNCH just keeps getting better!

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by SonTigerPantherCham, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    So I took a couple of close ups of Krunch, I can't believe the recovery :D
    I am so happy with his progress!

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  2. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    what kind of panther is he? I have never seen one ALL green like that! he must be the nosey?
  3. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Hi Carol!, yep the Nosey
    He gets all lime green when he goes outside to freerange:p
    When he is inside, just blue!
    oh and alot of times he goes lime green but his turrets turn bright yellow!
  4. Audiboi08

    Audiboi08 New Member

    He is a beauty =) I am happy you are doing well... I dont know what kind of panther mine is they told me hes an ambilobe but hes turning orange and red now so im a bit confused
  5. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Post a pic, ambilobes have oranges and reds and yellows
    I am sure someone here will help out!!
  6. heartben

    heartben New Member

    he looks awesome! very nice green. i dont know if i was on the forum when you posted your original thread on him ( i didnt find it) did he have mbd or something? he looks really good now. :)
  7. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Yep, had him less than 24 hrs, and I noticed he was off. Then he started falling, not alot..but enough for concern. Took him to the Vet, early stages mbd. All limbs were straight, it was his gait that concerned me.
    I have been giving him calcium injections, lots of real sun and excercise(sp?)
    Oh, he didn't eat for a week, then it was one silk, then 2. Took
    a month to get him eating. That's my story!
    Which is why im all about accuracy now!
  8. ataraxia

    ataraxia Avid Member

    great job! looking really good.
  9. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Thank you ataraxia, that's means alot coming from you!
  10. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Nice photos Anne! Krunch is looking great! They just love being outside.
  11. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Well, my nite is complete! Thank you Jann
    I should just get off here now and call it a good nite!!!
  12. wendyeeeo

    wendyeeeo Established Member

    He's gorgeous! Somehow he makes the color green seem like a rainbow (if that makes any sense). He's so lucky to have a Mommy who did all the right things to make him better. :•)
  13. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Oh Wendy, that was so nice of you! Thank you
    thank you for all of Kirby's emails too!!. Tell him not to stop sending them! The little camera ham!!
  14. KarmaChameleon1337

    KarmaChameleon1337 Avid Member

    WOW you should put that first pic in the contest!
  15. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    Not so fast!:D:p;)

    He looks awesome! BRAVO!
  16. Old World

    Old World New Member

    Great job Anne! He is lucky to have you. I knew he'd come around ;)
  17. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    This is the best nite!!!
    SUZI!!!!!, hey! How's my friend in the heat zone?!
    Everyone still ok your way??
    I have heard from all the people I like and admire, how cool is that?!
    Karma, wow didn't think about the contest, but I think I stole the idea from either Carol or Jann, would have to go find the thread. So that might not be fair!
    And I took it with my phone:p
    Suzi, I will pm you tomoro!
    OW!, head is spinning
    Thank you everyone for responding to this, I can't tell you how it makes me feel that you care enough about my kids!!!
  18. KarmaChameleon1337

    KarmaChameleon1337 Avid Member

    The contest is just all about eye shots, I love yours!
  19. SonTigerPantherCham

    SonTigerPantherCham New Member

    Karma, thank you again....but I gotta be honest, never thought about entering a contest so I would have to read up on that. And I think entries are over???
    I don't know:eek:
  20. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

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