Just one more time, going for the ultimate build


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As our home rebuilding is slowly reaching an end, I came in the meantime in contact with a Ball Python breeder and enclosure builder. After some chatting he came with an offer and I accepted it. I still got that dream of building a massive ´small´ forest in the office room and for now I don´t know who will be inhabitant for it. However, within 3-4 weeks I´ll get the new enclosure and will slowly start planting and decorating it and I will take my time for it 😊

So what´s gonna be? Well, a beautiful hand-build 4'9 by 2´3 by 4´9 enclosure, like the one in the picture. And then best part is its price, $550.00 I think is a fair enough price for it.

Keep you posted, I´m really excited and can´t wait ;)

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