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Chameleon Info: Julia - Veiled Chameleon, female,3-4months??, I have had her for 4 days Handling - 2 times, once to transport home, another to hold her yesterday Feeding - Crickets/meal worms, 4-6 crickets/day, Feed all 4-6 in morning each day. gut loaded with slices of peppers and celery Supplements - Reptivite dusting's 2/4 meals now Watering - Drip and mist, I mist in morning before work till all leaves are beaded with water, and when i get home, I have never seen her drink off leaves but she opens her mouth during mistings Fecal Description - Dark jelly like, not runny never been treated for parasites. History - Bought from Petsmart, very soon after she arrived. wasn't in glass cage for long
Cage Info: Cage Type - Screen cage, 2x2x4 Lighting - Zoo med 60w incandescent basking light, reptisun compact fluorescent 5.o (made in 2011) 8am-8pm (12hrs) Temperature - 83f basking 77f lower. Lowest overnight 79f? read off digital thermometer Humidity - Don't know humidity :( Feels humid in room though, I mist her cage to create humidity Plants - I have one Umbrella tree 9" tall Placement - Cage located in back corner of my bedroom, it is near a window and i have a ceiling fan. Top of cage is 6' high off floor Location - I'm located in Fraser valley of B.C. Can
Current Problem - My lil girl, often closes her left eye for extended periods of time. she does however use it when she is moving about and hunting. I havent noticed her closing the other at all. I noticed her rub it on a dowel (branch) once. I have tried to keep it humid and for water to be readily available. I know there eyes can become irritated, or that they can become dehydrated. I have never seen her drink. However she is a very accomplished hunter. I am buying a humidity reader asap. What should i do? I did leave the ceiling fan on yesterday and it wasnt as humid as normal and that is when she rubbed her eye.


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It coil be the compact uv due to it age. Although they say they have been fixed eye problems are still occurring with them now with new compacts. I avoid them at all costs an always se a linear uv tube.


It coil be the compact uv due to it age. Although they say they have been fixed eye problems are still occurring with them now with new compacts. I avoid them at all costs an always se a linear uv tube.

They're still recent cases of compact bulbs hurting chams eye? I've thought its been fixed.

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You need to change your husbandry IMMEDIATELY!

Your supplements are wrong and need to change. Supplementation:
Calcium and other vitamins are very important to your chameleon's health. Feeder insects should be lightly dusted with powdered supplement before being fed to your chameleon. Many keepers successfully use calcium (without D3 or phosphorus) at nearly every feeding, multivitamin once every 2 weeks, and calcium with D3 once every 2 weeks.

You are not feeding enough and need to feed more crickets. Feeding:
Veiled chameleons are more omnivorous than most chameleon species and many enjoy munching on plant leaves and fruit in addition to using their long sticky tongue to catch live insects. Great feeder insects include crickets, silkworms, hornworms, butterworms, dubia roaches and superworms. Waxworms and mealworms are high in fat content and harder to digest so should only be used on occasion. The rule of thumb is to not feed insects that are longer than the width of your chameleon's head.

Neonates: as many small crickets as they can eat several times a day
Juveniles 3-6 months of age: 10-12 small crickets daily
Juveniles 6-12 months of age: 10-12 medium crickets every other day
Adults over 12 months of age: 7-10 medium-large crickets every other day

Chameleons should be fed in the first half of the day to give them time to bask and digest their food properly. Crickets need to be properly gutloaded with calcium rich vegetables several hours before being fed to your chameleon. Inadequate dietary calcium leads to metabolic bone disease, a very serious illness. Commercially available gutloads usually aren't properly balanced or sufficient for good nutrition. See Chameleon Food for more information.

You should replace your UVB light every 6 months unless you are using an Arcadia in which case you can go about 1 year.

Please read the care sheet about veiled chameleons that I am linking here. This is very important to follow!



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I had read that they fixed the issues, because it was problematic. I found the date when it was made and it was after the supposed referendum. I just wanted to know if people still had issues?


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Had compact with baby veiled a month ago

I had a compact w a baby veiled about a month ago had it for about two weeks and my poor lil guy barely opened his eyes


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Ive never had any problems with my compact bulbs. My rango loves them. Many other people with liniar bulbs have problems with their eyes. Im not defending them but there us nothing wrong with using those uvb coil lights.
They seem to be hit and miss, it's just best not to gamble when it comes to your Cham. I would suggest purchasing a liner bulb. If it stays cold in your house I would also suggest a powersun all in one bulb. They do run hot which is great for a veiled but you need to make sure it is far enough away from their basking spot to where they will not got burned. It can also dry the cage out faster so you may need to mist more. Other than that they are great bulbs
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