JACKSON'S CHAMELEON FEMALE temporal gland infection


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Here it is, I bought this girl about a week ago. Upon receipt she had this in her mouth. The seller keeps telling me - she is picture perfect healthy and says she needs nothing else but good upkeep.

According to my research - it is big problem, her corners are practically stuffed with dead bacteria, it is comparable to an ear infection in humans and even box turtles and it is painful and uncomfortable.
I know the chams make the best of it and use the dead stinky bacteria to smear and attract prey but I also read that it can get from this (see the pics) to worse in a day.

Please only comment if you are familiar with this infection and/or had any experience.

I believe the animal is sick as she will not eat. I believe she will need antibiotics (which requires a doctor's visit, which is going to cost $100 plus in California). I believe the infection will always linger and recur even after antibiotic treatment.

I need your expert opinion, I will be sharing this post with the seller as they refuse to take any responsibility.
Please provide links if you are referring to something particular. I am yet to find a site where it says it is ok to have a temporal gland infection, so .... Ready, set, go, my chameleon friends!



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I don't see any current infection in these images. Yes she has "gunk" in there but they always do. I would like to see a picture of each side with her mouth closed to confirm.
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