I have baby werneri!!!!


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I was very excited to wake up and find these little guys all over my female T. werneri enclosure today. So far I've found 18, with a couple of those still working their way out of the membrane. I've been told that the stress of capture, transportation, and adjusting to captivity makes for weak offspring, so I am hoping for the best. If you have any advice, I welcome it!

Werneri neonate 08-21-13a.JPG

Werneri neonate 08-21-13b.JPG

Werneri neonate 08-21-13d.JPG

Werneri neonate 08-21-13e.JPG

Werneri neonate 08-21-13f.jpg
A had two nests this year 34 in total,a good advice don't keep them to warm,a very drop at night and humid spray 3 to 4 times a day they love it ;)
I lost just 2 on the whole group so they aren't very difficult.
Success with them:)


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Congratulations! I’ll echo the same things that have been said here already; cool and humid and they are born eating so make sure you have plenty little bugs.

Keep us posted on their progress.



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Those are some cool looking babies. Do you have pics of the mom you could post?
Im sure they are in another thread, Ill go look for them :)


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Thanks everyone. Cool and humid. They are kept indoors with ambients temps between 72F and 75F. The problem is that the air is dry, so for the time being I have them in a setup I was going to use for some pygmies, but I'm sure that doesn't provide enough ventilation. Tomorrow I'm going to assemble a new DIY enclosure I recently purchased, fill it with suitable live plants and make sure it's misted at least 3 times a day.

I have lots of dart frogs, so the small feeders aren't a problem.

I've heard conflicting advice on supplementation. I've been advised not to supplement the babies until they are several months old due to the risks associated with over-supplementation, but others raise the concern of MBD. Any information on this will be greatly appreciated.
mineral indoor from sticky tongue farms is safe to give (once a week),no synthetic vitamins kidneys and liver will be destroyed.
Better to gut load your feeder insects with organic fruit an vegetables .


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I was kinda wonder, babies should be feed with fruitflies but what do you gutlod fruitflies with?:confused:
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