I’m back/looking for a Jackson’s breeder in NorthOlmstead Ohio


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Happy Sunday everyone! Main topic of this post is I am looking for a breeder I ran into a few weeks back at a reptile show who is in North Olmsted Ohio if I remember correctly. My lab pup got his business card and I can’t find it now. So if you might know who this prayer is please let me know.
As to the first portion of the subject shortly after my last build that ended up housing by Jackson’s and Veiled my apartment building had a fire A few units away. I was able to salvage the enclosure and have a restoration company thoroughly clean it. At that point I disappeared from the forum because with a very busy and hectic life combined with the fire I was just doing what I needed teddy bear mobile Well My Jackson’s from 2016 just passed about six months ago and I’m having a hard time finding another one with a known age. As far as chameleons go I never really lost interest but the bug is back and I will be building another enclosure soon!


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If need a breeder that has captive bred Jackson’s with a birth date you should ask @DeremensisBlue his Facebook group raise theirs with high standards. He would know who has a clutch maybe even in your area. I’d offer some of mine but I only have one mature female I would part with ATM.
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