Humidity Concerns


Recently I have been having troubles with humidity levels... I used to be able to get up to 80-90% at night, and 40-50% during the day.. I have been having troubles lowering the humidity during the day. I have an automatic mister that goes on before lights come on and a minute after the lights of off at night. I can definitely hand spray and get the humidity up at night but my main worry is lowering the humidity during the day... I have a little fan going all day but haven't been able to get the humidity lower than 50 during the day and it's really challenging and I feel bad for my boy. Do you guys have any recommendations for what I should try doing? I'm considering a bigger fan, or putting a dehumidifier in/around his cage, but I wanted to ask here first in case someone has had this problem as well.
The low day humidity is to prevent mold etc. The fan should be taking care of that to increase the circulation.

There is only so much room adjustments we can do before we start doing more harm than good. For example here in the north its difficult to keep humidity at 50% during the winter. The extremes i have to goto cause URI's. So the chams just deal with 20% ish during the hard winter month or two. Odds are its going to be the same with you during the muggy season, and you might not be able to go below 50%. Or to get to 50% you will need to reduce air flow to the room to zero and use a dehumidifier, which again will cause air quality conserns.
When I lived in a humid area I had to run a dehumidifier in the room during the day. I never put a fan of that size on my cage though. It can screw up temps in the cage.
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