How much should a panther chameleon really eat?


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I have a year old panther chameleon, a male, i feed him large crickets daily, around 15-20 a day, he looks healthy, is alert. But i want to know how you guy and girls feed your chameleons, i just don't want my little guy to get fat or over fed. P.S to day i noticed his right i was shut while his left was open, it must have started today, any suggestions on how to help him out, in case it continues to keep shut tomorrow?

-Thank you for your answers:)
That link is to the specific cham, but most will tell you when they get older to start going evry other day. This is the same for panthers too. Check out the link because it has pretty much everything you need to know
Yeah, I wouldn't feed him that much at that age. as for the eye if it continues, put him in the shower with the water at about luke warm, have it spray the wall and mist off onto a plant have him sit on the plant and he should get whatever is bothering him out of his eye.
If you post some pics, we can help you figure out if he is getting overweight or not. Also fill out the how to ask for help form for his eye.
here are three i just took right now, he was asleep, so i could not get any a good shot. he still needs to poop, which he always does every morning.


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The pics need to be more of the head pads and tail (from both above and the side.) The easiest ways to tell if they are fat or thin is from the casque and tail. They store fat in their sides, but it doesn't show the way that it does in mammals.
Oh yeah i know what your talking about, the pads on his head are getting a bit noticeable, i can post a good pic tomorrow, but yeah there getting big. I think.
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