chameleon health problem

  1. BatCity93

    How much should a panther chameleon really eat?

    I have a year old panther chameleon, a male, i feed him large crickets daily, around 15-20 a day, he looks healthy, is alert. But i want to know how you guy and girls feed your chameleons, i just don't want my little guy to get fat or over fed. P.S to day i noticed his right i was shut while his...
  2. BatCity93

    Summer time is coming.

    Well i live in California, i have a panther chameleon, about a year old, he prefers to be out side, when its a day i keep him inside he is not active, stays in a dark looking color "possibly stressed or irritated" and wont eat; but when i take him outside, which is daily, he is active and alert...
  3. lizzleberry

    eye problems

    hi, had pascal for about 3 months now, recently noticed his eyes seem to prefer to be closed and am wondering if this is a big problem, or a little problem before i start - he IS going to the vets, he has been to the vets for an eye problem before and is registered with 3 different vets, i am...
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