chameleon feeding

  1. Kharma Eating

    Kharma Eating

    Kharma is a big fan of vacuum sealed grasshoppers!
  2. BatCity93

    How much should a panther chameleon really eat?

    I have a year old panther chameleon, a male, i feed him large crickets daily, around 15-20 a day, he looks healthy, is alert. But i want to know how you guy and girls feed your chameleons, i just don't want my little guy to get fat or over fed. P.S to day i noticed his right i was shut while his...
  3. BatCity93

    Best food for chameleon food?

    Hi, can someone tell me what they feed their feeders, i just began to grow a population of Madagascar hissing cockroach, and i do not want to feed them junk, like dog food or such, because as you may all know, your chameleon eats what ever your feeders eat. So again, what would any of you...
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