chameleon food

  1. J

    Price comparison, what do you think?

    So SHORTLY after buying petco crickets once and spending 20$ on 150 crickets i decided online is really the only way to go. i usually spend about 25$ shipped on 500 crickets. which is about 5c a piece if im not mistaken. i just found a local pet store that sells them for exactly that. 20 for a...
  2. Chameleons Northwest

    Butterworms- a "no hassle" feeder. 100 for just $14.30 shipping included!

    100 worms for just $14.30 INCLUDING priority shipping. Other lot sizes available. See below. Fresh, juicy Butterworms for sale. Simple to care for and very affordable prices. Our chameleons have been going gaga over them! Fishermen claim they're the best bait for trout and most all...
  3. BatCity93

    How much should a panther chameleon really eat?

    I have a year old panther chameleon, a male, i feed him large crickets daily, around 15-20 a day, he looks healthy, is alert. But i want to know how you guy and girls feed your chameleons, i just don't want my little guy to get fat or over fed. P.S to day i noticed his right i was shut while his...
  4. Thechameleondude

    How to culture fruit-flys

    I have collected info on how to culture fruit-flys. :) This is an excellent food source for baby chameleons! All credit goes to Marty of the Geckos...
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