How to culture fruit-flys


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bear in mind that mites love ff cultures, so successful long term mite free culturing requires setting up an actual ff culturing station, adhering to certain culture and handling practices and starting with mite free cultures. bear in mind that almost all petstore ff cultures carry mites with them.

a ff culturing station usually is a small table bench or shelf that has top surface that has either been layered with contact shelf paper sticky side up (my preference), you can also use sticky nontoxic fly paper, but much more difficult to deal with. another option is to smear a cut to size piece of poster paper with vaseline. you can also use lidane insecticidal shelf paper, but it is unclear whether this poses a risk of residuals so i no longer recomend/use this method, although it is a common approach among frog keepers, with no appearent ill effects.

once you have a culturing station setup, then, i centrally place a sanitized 10 gal aquarium on it, on it , i usually smear the top 2 inches of the aq with Vaseline and then i put 1/8" of water in the bottom that has been mixed with 2-3 drops of germicidal liquid dish soap. you dont want it any deeper or your cultures may begin to float. if you use anything like heat pads heat cables or lights then cables, then all cords or suspending framework should be smeared with vaseline.

all this is of course, is for not, if your actual culturing/work area is not mite free as well, so always sanitize your work area, stove, all utensils, the outside of all starter cultures, etc. prior to doing your culture work, and keep all utensils cultures and containers inside of you recently sanitized work area.

it should be noted that although minimal, there can be certain health risks associated with ff culturing so proper precautions are advised .
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I just gave someone this information on PM. Since it has measurements I thought I'd pass it along. It doesn't require cooking, but the ingredients are similiar. I got it right here from a posting someone made and I have been using it for a year or two and it works great. I got mites in mine once so I always wash my delic ups in the dishwasher before I use them for my mixture just to be sure.

It is easy and works great.
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