how long until silkies turn into moths???

nevermind i found it for those that are interested

Spinning Silk Cocoons
After 25–30 days of growth, your silkworms will be ready to form their cocoons. You will know this time has arrived when the silkworm rears its head above the rest of its body and restlessly waves it to and fro.

The silkworm becomes a little smaller and and its body color darkens slightly. The silkworm then seeks a quiet corner of its habitat or the underside of a leaf to begin its cocoon formation. After forming the support silk strand, the larva bends its body into a U-shape and begins to move its head in a figure 8 pattern. The larva builds the wall of the cocoon with loops of silk thread. It requires three to four days and about 300,000 of these loops to complete the cocoon. Inside, the silkworm sheds its skin and the pupa wiggles free to begin the metamorphosis into a silkmoth.

Emergence of the moth begins ten to fourteen days after cocoon formation. The moth escapes from the cocoon by producing a fluid from the mouth that dissolves a hole through the silk. When the hole is big enough, the moth slips through. This emergence happens early in the morning and almost always before 9 A.M. The wet moth soon dries. You will notice that its tiny wings are far too small to lift its heavy body into flight.
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