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Hello everyone, ive been digging around on these forums for a bit as my little brothers veiled chameleon stopped using his hind legs last night. He does not react to touch or anything on the hind legs, but if you slightly lift his tail upwards the muscles contract.
Ive read that constipation can cause a nerve to be pinched, its been eating Super Meal Worms for the last 3 weeks and nothing else. And i know the chitin can cause indigestion, sadly my little brother didn't.
Neither him nor i can afford a visit to the vet this month, is there anything to be overly worried about? He pulls himself around just fine, and we've taken all the worms away from him, getting crickets and flies tomorrow.



@limp, not limb.
well, how long has it been since he pooped? Too much chitin can cause an impaction, meaning the chamleon cannot move its bowels. Unfortunately you did not know but meal worms are really to be used in moderation as you said and you have to have something softer in the diet also. Anyways, I would take the chameleon and get a small tub of warm water and soak him in it if possible and try and massage his stomach while he is soaking. This might intice him to go the bathroom if that is infact the problem. If you cannot handle him at all, try to get a plant and put him in the shower(warm water, not too hot) on the plant and don't directly let the water hit him put more angle the head to the wall and let the water bounce off. If it has been a long period of time since he has gone, and he you still cannot get him to go, then I would find a way to get him to a vet. You need to get him hornworms or silkworms, they are full of juice and can aid in hydration and maybe help move the bowels also.
Ive soaked him 3 times so far, in a warm bath while massaging his lower stomach to get some bowelmovement, he pooped yesterday, atleast i removed a very moist urate and poop from his enclosure yesterday.

i'd like some pointers on how to actually massage him, how warm the water has to be and so on, ive kept the water a little warmer than lukewarm, and just sorta been doing circular motions right infront of his back legs with my fingers
I have never had to do this so I am not 100% sure, just what I have read and been told. I mean you just have to use your judgment on the water temp that it is not too hot. If he pooped yesterday without aid, then I would say he is obviously not impacted then and maybe the leg issue is something else. I still would try my hardest to get to vet, maybe borrow some money from someone if you can.
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