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Hi there. I ordered a thing of rep cal calcium no phosphorous and no d3 from a reputable feeder company here in canada. I recieved it today and it has no proof seal. I open it and there is the supplement. The color is a gray color and smells like.................concrete mix (might sound stupid). Anyone who uses this please reply , I am not sure if it is the rep cal or someone has tried to rip me off. My last supplemnt was white and did not have a smell (was not rep cal). I went on rep cal's web site and it says nuttin about the color or what it may look like. Any help wpuld be appreciated:)
should have the proof seal. You could ask them what you should do about it. It should be white, and it should have the seal. 'When in doubt, leave it out.' -Will Hayward
Rep Cal is supposed to be kind of gray. I can't remember if it has a seal or not, but.. for some reason, I want to think that it doesn't. It smells pretty bland, not sweet or anything.

My rep-cal didn't have a seal on it and it is greyish and it has a sort of powdery smell to it. It sounds like you do have the right stuff.
I just popped a new container of it last night and i'm fairly sure it had a seal on it, let me go check.

EDIT: Sorry, it was ReptiVite i was thinking about :crash:
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The seal is stuck to the inside of the lid on RepCals. As soon as you take of the lid the first time the seal is broken, but it sticks to the top of the lid. Is there something on the top inside of the plastic?
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