HELP!!! Male Veiled Chameleon wont eat!!


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This is my first time posting in here so please be nice to me. I have a male veiled chameleon that won't eat. I took him to a "specialist" in Glendale and she said he was too weak to do any type of work so he got subcutaneous fluids and sent me home with Carnivore care formula. Fast speed to a month later he still not eating on his own but he tries and for some reason, he cannot shoot out his tongue to catch his food. I took him to another "specialist" today different from the one I took him from the first time since this one had better reviews. She ordered a fecal sample (unable to get as he didn't poop there) blood work and again he was given fluids to hydrate him. I don't have the results for the blood work as this was done today, but I asked her if I should continue with the formula and she said it was better if I crushed the bugs (he was eating hornworms and mealworms prior to him getting sick) as he didn't seem interested in crickets and she said to mix it with the formula but I guess I am coming here for advice as what to do to make sure he's nourished and hydrated. His activity level is getting better as he moves around the cage and I do take him out to the garden to get sunlight and he seems to love that. I've had him for about a year and the person I got him from said he was about 2 years old so by now he should be 3 years or more. I've attached a video of him trying to eat any words of advice would be greatly appreciated as I've taken him to a vet twice and it just seems like I could do more but I don't know what.
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Is it a real reptile vet you're going to?

What supplements do you use and how often for each? I'm particularly interested in the phos, calcium, D3 and form of vitamin A in them...and brand names.

What UVB light do you use? Does it pass through glass or plastic? Is it a long linear tube light or a compact light? Does he get any direct sunlight? Do you change the UVB light as directed?
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