help i think my chameleons sick


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i have a mountain chameleon (montium chameleo). when i first got him he was very active and we just moved he dont seemed to be stressed but all he wants to do is sleep and lay on the bottom of the cage. he is drinking but i'm not sure if he has been eating. i know he is not as active as the female that we have. his body feel s cold but the temp is between 70 and 80F. and one of his toes is falling off. iput a little neosporin on it. his colors are fineas well to. he just dont seem to be acting right. PLEASE HELP
Hello thomtab, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

I agree with opti. I would take your cham to an experienced vet asap. Your cham should not be laying on the ground like you describe. What happened to his toe? To give him a little temporary energy, you might want to try some pedialyte.

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