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Hello freinds,

My name is Mike Cortes and i have been interested in herpetoculture ever sense i was a child. I remember breeding western fence lizards from my back yard and since then, i have had a great intrigue for all types of reptiles and amphibians. Within the past three years, i have become very intrigued with chameleons; their prehensile tails, their ability to display beautiful and vibrant colors, their long tongues, and their crazy "googly" eyes. I could list a thousand characteristics that define these wonderful creatures as "amazing!" However, like me, you all share this similar passion and that is why i am thrilled to be part of this community! I am currently an undergraduate student and am majoring in exotic animal science. I work at a local veterinay clinic as a veterinary technician. I have kept Veild, jackson, and brookesia chameleons. I can't wait to start interacting with you all, as well as sharing brilliant and insightful information to ensure the health and prosperity of this amazing hobby!
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