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Hello All,

I just joined the family here, it seemed very friendly and wise in the ways of Chameleons. I have had Veileds before and the current ones I have are a breeding pair, my female is gravid and this is the first time I am dealing with this situation. Needless to say, my nerves are frazzled!! I am currently the proud Momma of a variety of animals.......I have 3 Pit Bulls in the backyard : 1 Chihuahua and 2 cats in the house : 7 differnet varieties of snakes : 1 Texas Tan Tarantula : 17 Leopard Geckos ranging in age from Adult breeders to last years babies : 2 Savanah Monitors : And finally the newest kids on the block.....My Veiled Chameleons Bumble-Male ( because he tends to get all black & yellow when angry) & Pantera (because she is VERY aggressive!). I hope to get to meet you all and see some photos of your beauties as well as share some of mine.


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Hello Jessica, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

Looks like you have a lot of animals to care for. Good luck with the veileds.
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