Veiled Cham Looking like she swallowed marbles!


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Hello all,
I am new to the forum. Looked at a few and this one seemed friendly and knowledgable. I have a pair of healthy Veiled Chameleons. Bumble is the Male & Pantera is the Female. They have been bred and we are now expecting a clutch any day now. This is my first time breeding Chams........Hubby & I have a ton of Leopard Geckos from breeding projects. I am so nervous!! Pantera looks like she swallowed a bag full of marbles!! She has a laying chamber available and ample coverage in the form of a nice leafy pothos. She has recently been rambling about the cage and visits the laying chamber often, but has not yet shown any signs of digging. Any advice is welcome. She is due to lay any time this week from the info I have researched online. I would seriously appreciate ANY advice to soothe my nerves........can't have kids of my own, so all our scaled, furred kids are it.....I worry alot...LOL

Thank You,

Jess Ivory aka Ivory Serpent :)
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