He knows how to drink from a bowl!?!?


Ok, so long story short, I had a friend over and decided to show off Archimedes. My friend asked where Ark's water bowl was and I explained that he could not recognize still water. To prove the theory I put a shallow dish of water in the tank to show that Ark would not drink. You know what happened next. Archimedes crawled down and started slurping and my friend gave me that "I-told-you-so" look.

So, my question is, can I continue to give him water in a bowl as long as I change it daily? I will continue to mist the humidity up.

Thanks a lot!
That is unusual. I have a friend who has a Jackson's and it drinks from a bowl also. I guess you have to worry about him pooping in it while you are not home and then drinking from it. That would be one of the risks.
i wish mine drank for a bowl lol i could post one up on the side of the cage so nothing could get in it and id know they were drinking lol.. as long as you keep it fresh i would see why that would be an issue but im no cham pro..
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