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    What brand of bulb are you using? What k is the bulb?
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    It is the standard Sun Systems Agriculture Halide bulb. Makes it great for the plants. I have got to check how many watts it is there was a choice between two wattage's I picked the higher wattage bulb. I have got to replace the screen and the bulb before I could consider using it as a supplemental source of UVB.
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    It most likely does not produce uvb but probably emits a ton of uva.
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    I know it does not emit UVB. I have taken readings with my UVB meter and it does not emit any UVB. As for UVA the light has a glass shield/filter on it that possibly prevents UVA rays to. I have got to replace and custom make a glass shield (with a glass that lets UVA and UVB through) to fit the Halide before it can become a source of UVA and UVB.
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    Actually I'm a huge fan of montane species and even thought the ranch house was amazing it only had swamp coolers (when it was 110F outside it was 90F inside). This plus the fact most of these chameleons available to me were wild caught. Meaning all the Trioceros species that I would love to work with long term were no goes. Meaning I stayed with only warm weather species. Then cam the chameleon room at a near location with an AC unit that allowed me to work with some. Then I acquired the greenhouse with a swamp cooler and misting system and I have been able to consider cool weather species again. Now that we are at a new location the greenhouse and AC unit of the house allow me to consider species I have could not consider at the ranch location in the past. The ranch was an amazing experience and it would be great to live on a ranch again. However I'm glad I have got a greenhouse and a house with AC since it allows me to work with more species that I want to work with.
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    A note to people considering buying a greenhouse for chameleons. If you decide on buying a greenhouse it kind of limits you as to what chameleons you can keep. With a Parsonii in the greenhouse I can pretty much only keep rainforest chameleons and ones that can handle high humidity and mild temperatures. I would not attempt to keep a Chamaeleo calyptratus or Furcifer oustaleti in those kinds of conditions. The just do not seem to do well and would not recommend attempting it.
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    This is my first post here as I have never had a Chameleon, but am considering adding one to my greenhouse. This seems like a good place to ask a few questions.

    First, my greenhouse is 9x15 feet and attached to the SE side of my home in Minnesota. It is an intermediate orchid house, controlled to 58F nights and 68F days in the winter with warmer temps on sunny days. In summer it is power vented ( with screens on inlet and fan) to avoid excessive temps. I originally installed a swamp cooler inlet, but it really was not worth the trouble since high humidity often accompanies high temps here.

    Humidity is controlled with under bench misting four times a day to 70 to 80%. I have some slab mounted orchids that get misted directly each time too. I can add automatic timed misting to the basking areas as well.

    In addition to orchids and cacti and micdc , I have a great Cactaceae Epiphyllum oxypetalum, with lots of vert and horizontal stems running the length of the house.

    Current residents include a few Anoles that we introduced and two Grey Tree frogs that came in during a renovation this summer.


    What Cham? I'm thinking a Jackson would be a good choice for the cooler temps, smaller taste for plant material and and small size. Less likely to eat the Anoles?

    Feeding: If I free range a Cham in here, how to feed? Currently feed frogs and Anoles Wax and Meal worms from a 8: tray suspended near the top of the epiphytic cactus. I hesitate to introduce crickets free range since it is attached to my home. How do free rangers feed in there living room?

    Lights: This is a solar greenhouse, but is under deciduous trees so I supplement with LED lights. With the addition of the Anoles I added a 75W incandescent basking light above prime spots in the vines. The Anoles love it. One also enjoys the warmth power transformer for a small portable stereo. I have a UVB florescent bulb I plan to add to a nearby fixture to provide a separate area for that. How does that sound?

    What else should I be considering?


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    First Question: I would recommend whatever kind of chameleon that would best fit your greenhouse. Such as whatever certain species of chameleon that can best handle the temperature, lighting and humidity levels you are providing.

    Second Question: I would recommend feeding with feeding cups or by hand. However I would recommend you to consider a feeding cage inside your greenhouse. This would allow your chameleon to satisfy his or her appetite and to eat with out the risk of crickets and other feeder insects escaping.

    Third Question: For lighting your not going to have to worry about photo periods to much. A greenhouse is going to provide a good lighting situation in that regard. However I would be mostly concerned with making certain that there is enough UVB for you chameleons. If you do not expose your chameleon to enough UVB you run a legitimate risk of your chameleon developing MBD or gout. I would recommend taking UVB meter readings in your greenhouse and adding UVB lights accordingly.

    If you have got other questions just send me a PM.

    Jeremy A. Rich
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    Thanks. Looks like a Jacksons will be in our future!
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    One major concern I recommend if you are considering buying a greenhouse and using it for chameleons is chameleon proofing the greenhouse. It is essential that if your going to use a greenhouse that you make certain that your chameleons have not got access to the electrical, gas or swamp cooler and etc.. which could kill or serverly injury your free ranging chameleons. I would consider how to go about that first before any other considerations regarding a greenhouse for chameleons.
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    It was a cold day for the greenhouse. The family went to Modesto for the day and came back and snow was sticking on and outside the greenhouse. Here's a couple pictures.


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    I have not posted pictures of my greenhouse in a long while. Here's some updated pictures of my greenhouse. Moderate temperatures and extremely humid.





    My male Parsons Rhino hunting.



    About what an adult Parsonii enclosure or approximation of a Parsonii enclosure should be.

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    Very cool. Love the parsons.
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    NICE! Looks like a labor of love.
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    Thanks! The greenhouse is epic! It is truly turning into a tropical rainforest in there. With a couple more Madagascar plants I'm going to have my own slice of Madagascar.

    Thanks! I just have got to locate a CITES female for my male.

    It is a passionate passion. The Parsonii enclosure was a neat DIY build that I did. It is not a labor it is a duty of making good on the dream of one day owning a Parsonii. Something I have been working towards for a long time.
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    Great Palace for Chameleons
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    Looks great Jeremy! Got any Phelsuma running around in it for natural insect control?

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    I can't wait to do something like this in a few years.

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