GREAT order of roaches!


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I rarely do this, but this order really seems too good to be true. I purchased some lateralis roaches for the first time, and got the order today. I was a bit hesitant to order them from this seller due to the blurry pictures and the fact that I had never heard of him before. In this case, all was MORE than well. He sent an extremely healthy overcount.. I ordered 200, and got something like 260-270... for $20.00 shipped. The roaches are all nymphs, but they are not tiny babies. The majority are very close to adulthood. Amazing. This is a smaller species of non-climbing roach that is supposed to be extremely productive. Anyhow, Kenny from Rocky Mountain Reptiles really took care of me, and I had to pass the link on in case anyone is interested in purchasing some.

Cool, where is he located (if you know). If he is in my area i may have to switch from mullberry to him.
He's here with me in Colorado.
Glad to hear he has some stock again...I need to contact him.
Thanks Heika!

The first roaches they said they won't sell to new customers. Then I checked the second and got 100 turkestan roaches for 13.00. That's great. I still want those dubias too though.
Hope he likes these coming soon. Thanks for the heads up on this supplier. :D
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