Georgia Crickets, anyone? Is my bad experience a shared experience?


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Thought I was getting a deal by ordering through Georgia Cricket. I hadn't heard of them but thought I'd give it a try. Mistake.

The delivery of 1000 had a lot more dead in the box than I'd gotten from say Foster and Smith and MAN did the box REEK. Should have been the first warning.

I dumped it into my obsessively clean cricket bin and within a day or so, problems began to rear their ugly head.

  • More than 200 were belly up in addition to the ones that came dead. No significant red flags in my brain on that one.
  • The ones that HAD gone belly up, were INFESTED with small fly larvae. "WTF?" :confused: FLAGS! FLAGS!!!
  • I couldn't get to sterilization instantly and within another day or so, the small fly larvae had almost instantly pupated, propagated, and gone butt wild with making babies. By the end of the week it was a hot fricken' mess.
  • There weren't all your common house cricket, Acheta domesticus, but also mixed in were field crickets, Gryllus rubens! I began to wonder about the cleanliness and quality of the rearing site.
  • The worst of it....I cleaned as well as I could without throwing out all of the crickets, but I think it was too late. My chameleons....had within a little more than a week developed Gooey Mouth. :(

Both have been gaping and the female is just a hot gooey mess with yellow crust on the side of her mouth. I feel as though I've now noticed almost all of her teeth are black further back in her mouth but I can't be sure that they were always that way or not...

Anyone else have a similar unfortunate experience?


Tomorrow in the am I am going to try to gently, as gentle as one can be with bit*** veileds, give them a little mouth rinse with clean water. Perhaps they have been...significantly dehydrated...somehow? But the black teeth and yellow crust suggests otherwise, doesn't it? :(


I get crickets from them all the time and have never had any problems. I got my last batch of 2000 2 weeks ago and have had very little die off.
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