From healthy and active to dead in 18 hrs.


I'm getting a little confused. I'm heard contradicting recommendations concerning the vitamins/Calcium/D3 so now I don't know who to trust.

Concerning your question about the bulb, its a compact screw. Reptisun UVB 5.0
When I first started reading the threads here... I was like what this is totally different from what I was told... there is a lot of miss information- the people on the forum follow research proven methods of husbandry also chameleon academy is another great accurate site with everything you need to know about chameleons....
sorry for your loss😔


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That is terrible, I’m soo sorry for your loss! I know the supplements were not optimal with the extra d3 but to cause such a rapid decline is shocking. Did you have a fecal done to check a possible heavy parasite load? I hope you do get a necropsy done to solve this mystery. Although it’s unlikely, if there is a bad batch of supplements on the market there could be others suffering the same fate (I’ve had a bad experience with a prescription ibuprofen I gave my toddler that made him very lethargic and cold, that was recalled by cvs the following month). My heart goes out to you. 😢


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I’m very sorry for your loss and I don’t like pouring salt on an open wound, however...
While you made effort to adapt an aquarium to house her and it does look quite nice, it is not at all an ideal enclosure for a chameleon. Somehow I suspect it wasn’t just one thing in particular that caused her to pass, but a combination of several things, combined with chronic stress. Perhaps incorrect supplementation, definitely incorrect uvb, incorrect environment, etc are all the culprits. Please check our chameleon academy thoroughly...truly explore all the site offers to learn about keeping chameleons correctly.
Again, I’m very sorry your little lady passed.


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Im guessing a congenial defect. basically a malformed organ was able to support life until the animal got to a certain size. And since they are doubling in weight every 6-8 weeks...


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What could cause such an infection? Is the fall/injury theory unlikely?
Chameleons do take small falls* in the wild and captivity with little effect. Of course injury is a possibility. Falling can be a symptom of illness.
Chameleons get respiratory infections and some members have reported intestinal infections.
Glass cages are used with success but require special adaptations. Notably the Exoterra glass cages have a vent in the bottom quarter that allows air flow via the chimney effect up through the screen top. You seem to have some building skills. If you plan to try again at some point adding in this venting will improve your air flow.
Your supplement schedule was excessive but you didn't have her long enough for that to be the sole cause. However if the breeder was doing something similar she may well have been on the brink when you got her and a combination of factors pushed her over.
I'm truly sorry for your loss.
*Be careful with them just the same.


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So sorry for your loss.

We can only guess at why she died sadly. A necropsy could help...but often doesn't show the cause as well.
It could have been a fall that contributed to the death...depending on how she fell/landed...but then they are usually ok with most falls. The basking temperatures, IMHO, were too warm...80F would have been that might have contributed ...if she sat under the light constantly and couldn't move to a cooler area in the cage. The UVB should have been a long linear tube light but I doubt that 2 weeks with the wrong light would have caused her death...same goes for the supplements...2 weeks isn't long enough IMHO. Eating moss could have led to a impaction...was she pooping in the last few days?

All I can say is read the Chameleon Academy stuff and posts on this site, ask questions on this forum and learn as much as possible before you get another one...and make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. sorry.
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