George saw a dragon


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Well, George saw Spike our bearded dragon and boy did he get mad. I have to make sure to keep his door closed when the dragon is on the loose.


He looked like this previously


What a change, he does NOT like dragons!

Hold that big boy back! I think George wants a dragon steak for dinner. Does he know he is an insectivore? He sure is drop dead beautiful.
WOW! It never fails to amaze me how much they can change. I love the Jay Leno chin, one of my favorite things about these guys.
Thank you for all of the nice comments.

George is a sambava of unknown lineage that we purchased at a reptile expo. He is ultra friendly except when he sees a dragon, that really pisses him off, haha. He does like his brother Rex though, they slept together in Rex's free range last night.
Holy smokes! Is this the same colorless Cham that I saw in SA?? :D He is a beaut!

Yup, our boy has really developed lately. I have been giving him as wide a variety of feeders as I can and have improved my gutloading. He gets lots of sun too, evern though he doesn't like being outside.
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