New family member!!!


Chameleon Enthusiast
While I love chameleons and would absolutely love to get another, this little guy stole my heart! My cousin had to rehome her bearded dragon and asked me to take him in. After adjusting the room Sherbert is in, and sadly taking away a few of his trees (from free range) I made room for this little guy, I'd like you all to meet Arnold!!!! He is the sweetest boy ever and I'm thrilled to give him an amazing life 💗

He is in a 36"×18"×18" enclosure right now, hoping to get him a bigger one soon. I also ordered the correct lighting for him, it should be here tomorrow. He loves green beans and Dubia roaches, and will eat other bugs and vegetables as well. If anyone has some advice on how to care for him, I would be extremely thankful 🙂
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