Garden Hose Water Filter for Chameleons Outdoor Enclosure

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Does anyone have experience using a garden hose filter (typically used to grow organic plants) such as this or a similar product?:

It looks like it removes all of the bad stuff we worry about when watering chams.
I personally do not have any experience with it, but am also curious and have been doing some research. I see that one is also being sold as for "RVs". Usually ones marketed towards RVs and such are more strict about what they filter out for legal/liability issues. I mean, it SAYS it does all the right things.... and that's exactly what I need. Let me know if you go that route, was curious as to how to cool and hydrate chams in outdoors Fl.


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If your tap water is fairly low tds to begin with you may be able to get away with it, that said I believe this is essentially a carbon filter, no membrane, so it’s not going to filter the water to the level an RO unit would.


Looking through the reviews online, it looks like these type of filters do effectively remove chlorine and chloramine at least. This would make outdoor watering so much easier if I can just use the normal garden hose. Still would use RO inside to keep mister heads from clogging.
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