Furcifer Campani ( jeweled chameleons)

I recently acquired a beautiful pair of jeweled chameleons and i am wondering if anyone has any experience with keeping or breeding this species. I have experience working with smaller chameleon species and have kept F lateralis for a couple years now. The female arrived gravid but there isnt much literature on breeding them so i am curious if anyone has first hand experience working them.



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Nick Henn of Canvas Chameleons bred some a couple of years ago, I got some from him, but had no luck breeding them. Yesterday my female laid 12 eggs, so I called him to see about a diapause, proper incubation temps and length etc. I will get any info I receive from him to you.

As for husbandry, I have a pair living in a 2 X 2 X 4 sreen enclosure since last Sept. no problems. I've found they do very well with a substantial nighttime drop, low 50's, is what they want. I keep mine outside in SoCal as much as possible, they are sunlovers and will bask in full sun into the 80's any higher they retreat to a cooler spot. As usual I keep the nighttime humidity high, and give lots of water mornings and evenings, light mistings during day.

Good luck with your gravid female.


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Wow! She is a beautiful Jeweled chameleon. I have nothing else to offer or add to your post but that. And good luck with your pair of Jeweled. Keep the pictures coming. We don't see lots of them on here so it's good to see them when we can. Thanks for sharing.
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