From cham apartment to cham mansion

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  1. We finally got our Xlcages! Look at the money tree for size reference. The first pic was the old cage size, the next ones are the new cage! I only got pictures of Carmen's, but Loretta's is awesome too. Carmen wasn't too thrilled about the change in the pic of her XD but she'll get used to it. More foliage to come!!! I want to get her and Loretta a bunch more love plants.
    20180409_143137.jpg 20180517_115131.jpg 20180517_115156.jpg 20180517_121606.jpg
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    I love a good upgrade.(y)
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    You will have some very happy ladies.
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  4. I think our girls will learn to love it too! Theyre new cages take up about 35% of our room XD anything for our babies though :3
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