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I've created a 'free-range' enclosure for my chameleon, he loves it way more than the cage. There's three potted hanging plants for him to rest on and also provide humidity, some (very sturdy) ropes for him to travel on, which are out of reach from the fan blades or switches, and a bowl filled with superworms and baby spinach (for gut-loading), which is sprinkled with calcium. And, I'm planning on getting some strip lights to put above the plants for proper UVB and Heating. Is there anything I can do to improve it? I've had him here for a while, no health risks or dangers for him so far. He's very energetic and overall very happy and content. I had a rope going across the window, but he kept trying to grab onto the window and he would fall, so I decided to take that away. What else can I add for him? A hide? A sleeping area? I want the best for him and I want him to be happy. So is there anything I can do to improve?

Also, my aunt is terrified of contracting a disease from the chameleon's feces. How likely is it for that to happen? If he were to happen to poop on the floor, how easy would it be to contract a disease from it?
The only thing you're really going to get from a chameleon is salmonella and you're probably just as likely to get it from chicken eggs. Even if you are exposed to it unless your immune system is awful you probably won't realize it. You'll just think maybe something you ate didn't agree with you. But salmonella is not a disease. I'd be 100 times more scared of getting a disease from a furry animal since that's a more of a possibility.
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