Fem. Nosy in a mood


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My Fem. NosyBe has been in a mood lately and has been pretty dark. Haven't seen many Fem's this dark before.

Wanted to show off my M Sambava from Nick, Rain Man 3.5 months old


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is there anything near her cage that could be freaking her out? my male was acting really wierd one day when I was moving around my living room and I noticed I had set a eagle statue in his view! He was fine once I moved it. hope she gets outa her mood for you :D


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She's next to the Sambava M, but the cage has dividers on all sides. She gets that way when misting. Though calms down really quick for a few silk worms.

Also thanks for the comments on Rain Man. Already has a nice U bar when fired up.


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He's doing great. When he first settled in, he pretty much stayed hanging out at the top of the cage. For him, instead of using vines, I made a scaffold for him out of wooden dowels. Always looking forward to his next meal. The Fem. Sapphire is doing well too. Was readjusting my Cham. room. Since I've nearly sold the beardies I had in my collection. Helped with the funding!! sometimes spending can be fun.:D
In regards to the 2 yr. old fem. I wanted to breed. the seller notified me she was already breed with his male prior to sending her to me. Had to ask him, cause she rejected the stud I found for her.

Though selling 3 more beardies, I treated myself to a 10 month Ambilobe Fem.
LOL one project to another. :eek::cool:
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