DO chameleons like music :D


DO chameleons like the vibrations of music by any chance :3 i'm really curios, ill buy him some chameleon sized beats. xD
They can probably pick up on the vibrations in the air from the song, but as for actually HEARING the song itself.... they can't, because they lack an outer ear.
Can they hear? or is it feel. How does a chameleon, how does a human experience what we refer to as "sound"? A wave? A Vibration? These are common conceptions we use to understand the phenomena of sound. But at it's heart, "sound" lies within a spectrum of phenomenon which includes light, which itself is a quite elusive phenomenon to catagorize it's behavior, at once showing characteristics of seemingly conflicting states.
In the human mind certain sounds, such as the human voice, thunder, and music, have been found through magnetic resonance scanning that there exist specific regions in the brain which have evolved specifically to respond to such sounds. Animals too communicate though sound, complex signals, which seemed intricately, yet mysteriously linked with the phenomenon through which it is transmitted and experienced; Sound is unique.
The question is do chameleons experience sound? Do vibrations and noises either perceived or even produced by the chameleon translate into a biological significance. I believe so. We are just beginning to realize that certain species of reptile are capable of the type of intelligence which was once thought impossible. I have a tokay Gekkos which live wild in my garage. They have lived there for years , over the course of that time I have observed behavior that I thought only a cat or a dog, or a horse, or a dolphin might display.
Anywho, Chameleons can hear music, and the louder it is, the more it probably rocks their world. Imagine your head leaned up to a marshal half stack and just laying there through a Megadeath concert. I mean look at their tiny little heads. I mean maybe if you had a pair of beats like one poster suggested, that was really tiny and designed for decibels which chameleons could readily tolerate. That Might be kosher.
But on a related issue. There have been many audiophile trade publications which have consistently ranked Beats headphones the highest price, with the lowest sound quality product on the market. Google it. peace out.
Beats huh.....alphakenc still fliping all those records that his beloved mother left him :rolleyes:
60,70,80,90 rock n roll, house music,Mom loves Disco Disco too,and the best part is chameleon ears is sound proof cause they CAN NOT HEAR WELL,they DO still bop their head with my
Hyacinth Macaw when my shiny disco ball drops on these bad boy technic turntable 1200SL,Say no more!!
Actually, I was practicing my flute in my room a couple night ago with my chams door open and he came to the front of the cage and started to lift up his head until he was standing on his hind legs LOL it was so weird!!! So I'm pretty sure they can but in very loud frequencies bc my flute is pretty loud lol.
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