Do Chameleons go to Sleep Early if they're Stressed?


I ask because ever since Mr.Pink's vet visit, he went to sleep about an hour and a half earlier than he normally does. I know he's stressed, especially since I have to administer eye drops 3 times a day. He hates it... and it's way more handling than I like to do.

So, does stress make them sleepy?


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Does he sit directly under the lighting while he sleeps?
Does he have a view through open windows from his cage?

Sleeping during the daytime can be an indication for a more serious health issue.

However, my chameleon will "get ready for bed" -- will find the shadiest spot in his enclosure and sit there while the sun is dropping from the sky outside.
At first, this really worried me - though a few users calmed my worries after telling me that he was just doing what is natural to them in the wild. Even when the lights on the enclosure are still on, when the sun starts to go down, their instinct to find a place to sleep and start sleeping kick in.


Yeah his cage is close to a window, and the days are starting to get shorter.

I'd be more worried if he was sleeping during the day (especially since he's been having issues with one of his eyes)

He usually goes to bed around 7:30 (about 30 mins before his lights go off) but the last couple days he's been getting ready for bed around 6:30.


My guy gets into his sleeping spot at 6:30 and his lights go off at 8. He is also by a window. Keep us updated on Mr. Pink. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon...


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I agree with the other responses. Chameleons will often get ready for bed before the lights go off. One of my guys is almost always asleep before his lights go off, the other one is constantly on the move and doesn't "settle down for the night" until the lights are off. I have to make sure he has some ambient light for 10-15 minutes after lights out so he can make his way to his favorite spot :rolleyes:

That being said, I would keep an eye on yours just to be sure. If he's just going to sleep shortly before it gets dark (inside or out) then I wouldn't worry. A lot of members also shorten the "lights on" time for their chams to adjust to the shorter days in the winter as their chams seem to sense the change and try to go to bed early, so it could very easily be that especially since a window is in view. But if you see him sleeping during the day AT ALL, I would recommend a visit to the vet.
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