Crested Nosy Hoes

Vegas Chad

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Lately I have been really busy with reptiles lately and have not been posting many pictures. I took a few today when I was giving everybody the daily rounds.

We picked up a 2.3 of crested chameleons last week. As a whole they are doing ok, they are getting really long misting’s and rounds of pedialyte to rehydrate them. They are really enjoying the blue bottle flies, those things are so great to stimulate feeding! Just a few pictures as I am trying to leave them be as much as possible.



We have recently been rather successful with our high casque chameleons as well. Here are some babies and an adult male.



And 3 generations of Nosy Be for us here at Tiki.


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Rango (2.5months)
lol chad at first i thought you had some kind of whore chameleon who mated with something different and just invented a brand new strand.... that is until i seen the pictures :p

:eek: your male cristatus is a beast, he looks amazing! your female has a very gorgeous color too, and im really feelin the little hoenelli is a looker! your nosy bee is just a smurf and i will end it at that :D


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awsome pics...

those cresteds are cool...cant wait for the breeding project!

and those hoes are also giving me the itch;)

man...the nosys are great...the youngest one "rango" seems a like a future breeder for sure

i hope for the best

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I love those cristatus man. I was sooo tempted to pick up a 1.2 of those when I saw them on KS. Ive just already spent too much this month. Next time around Im getting me some.

Vegas Darci

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Thanks everyone!! The hoehnelii's are my project and the cristatus are Chad's. I love my little hoehnelii's! They are one of the cutest spieces of chameleons I think!! Also...Chad got our Nosy's names mixed up. The big guy on top is D2 like he said, the middle one is Rango and the new baby is SubZero. Just to set him straight! ;) Enjoy!!


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Chad they all look awesome, very envious of those cristatus. What a fantastic species. Keep us updated on them and how they are doing. Would be great to see some more CB around here!
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