Choking On Saliva?


Hi, today my almost year old panther chameleon started to "cough". A few minutes earlier I had administered 0.5 mL reptaid in 1.5 mL water with a syringe into his mouth. He has had an upper respiratory for a few weeks now and has had saliva around his mouth. Here is a video of the coughing:

After a few minutes of this I took him out of his cage and when he gaped I put a Q tip in his mouth and cleaned out saliva. I did this 6 times. After the third time he was keeping his mouth open so it was very easy to get the Q tip in. The saliva was VERY sticky, stringy and bubbly. After that I put him back in his cage and he immediately hunted the crickets I put in his cage that morning. Now all day he has been running around his cage being very active.

I understand that these are probably symptoms of the URI. Does anyone have any advice on where to go from here? Has anyone had any similar experience? Will Q-tipping every morning get rid of some of the bacteria and thus help him fight the infection?

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Two of my chams just got over an RI, with the help of baytril solution from the herp vet. I doubt it will go away without the proper meds from a reptile veterinarian.


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No, he needs to be seen by a vet and get on an antibiotic. Baytril is what is usually prescribed. There is no home cure. I have heard of raising the temps to help him fight infection, but that is not a cure all.


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Yeah, you don't want to wait to long for the vet. Baytril and other meds can be hard on their systems. The sicker they are, the harder it is and less chance of recovery. Cut the computer off and go to the vet now. Good luck.
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