1. gremlin980

    Choking On Saliva?

    Hi, today my almost year old panther chameleon started to "cough". A few minutes earlier I had administered 0.5 mL reptaid in 1.5 mL water with a syringe into his mouth. He has had an upper respiratory for a few weeks now and has had saliva around his mouth. Here is a video of the coughing...
  2. Chameleons Northwest

    REPTAID: Natural Herbal Supplement. Boost immunity. Help fight parasites & infections

    Reptaid was developed to target common reptile health issues. It includes a variety of oils and herbs specifically chosen for their ability to fight against parasites and infection. Reptile keepers, veterinarians, breeders, and importers marvel at its affectiveness in helping to restore reptile...
  3. Anilr16

    Reptaid help???

    So im going to get some reptaid from a local reptile-only store in my area (pet bazaar),, and its only $8 bucks from what one of the employees are saying and it comes with a syringe..sounds like the same thing from Amber Tech but is it the same? And here's my chameleon's grip is...
  4. kenya

    Mouth rot via fly?

    I am chamsitting an acquaintances two veileds (coincidentally the parents of my recent little clutch) The female had a bit of swelling on her lip and when I looked, there was nothing there. I decided to keep an eye on it. This was last week. Today I was cleaning cages and she gaped at me...
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