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So does anyone know where to maybe see some wild chams in Hawaii? We are currently on the Big Island u til Sunday night. If you have suggestions let me know.
The one I saw was at Hula Daddy Coffee Farm. She was beautiful! I know they are everywhere, but especially in the higher elevations. Google the author of 'Chameleons in The Garden' by Mary Lovein. I wish I had tried to meet her while I was there! Let me know how it goes!

Mary is a very nice person and has posted many photos over the years of the chameleons her garden on various forums!
We went to Kauai last fall. We did not see a single chameleon,But the chickens were so thick a guy could almost trip over one..I was surprised to see so many. We did see some in Maui 3ys ago.
To bad there not as easy to spot as the chickens. :D
So I have an update for everyone. I was able to meet up with Mary from Chameleons in the Garden and boy were my new wife and I in for a surprise. She is an amazing woman and we bought her book. She also showed us around her garden and we saw 5 wild Jacksons. 3 females and 2 males. I have a bunch of pictures, but I need to wait until I get home to Minnesota to upload them to my server as they are on my camera and not my phone.

One of the males was very interested in meeting me and kept coming closer and closer so I stuck out my index finger as Mary instructed and my new friend and I shook hands. It was such an amazing experience!

I will start a new thread in the picture section when I get home Monday afternoon Minnesota time and post up the pictures for your enjoyment.

Until then, you will have to wait in anticipation.

Thank you spottea and kinyonga for reminding me about Chameleons in the Garden. Her art gallery was beautiful and the book is amazing. I would suggest to everyone that loves Jacksons to buy this book as the photos are absolutely beautiful.


Glad you got to meet Mary! I'm jealous that you got to see the chameleons in her garden! I hope you said hello to her from me??
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