Cham with respiratory infection awake at night


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My veiled chameleon pascal is about a year old an he has a respiratory infection (we have been to the vet and are currently giving him antibiotics) and I noticed at like 2am this morning he was in his normal sleeping position with his pjs on but his eyes were open. It’s possible I woke him up but I doubt it and the only light in my room is the moonlight bulb that gives off a little heat. He has also been frequently, including earlier tonight, falling asleep outside of his cage on his free range set up a little bit before his bedtime and I have to wake him back up to put him back in (since it’s winter where I live it’s a bit colder outside his cage and with the respiratory infection I don’t want him getting cold). Im going to keep an eye on him when he sleeps but any ideas?
Hey there. So they should not have any lights on at night. This disrupts their sleep and can increase health issues. And unless your temps in the room are dropping below 50 there is no need for a lightless heat source.
While on treatment I would leave him in the cage so he has access to the proper heat and UVB lighting. If you are not using the long linear UVB lighting then let me know.
Hi I’ll keep him in the cage (even though he’ll be very grumpy about it) I’m using a linear T5 uvb light and I’ll turn off his night lamp thanks for the info
If you need help with anything else we are happy to be of assistance.
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