Camo has Coccidia...and I will be changing exotic vets!

I did...even though I had JUST purchased several plants for her 2 days before. I just don't want to keep battling this because I didn't wash the plants well enough. It just makes sense that if you have to use such harsh chemicals to clean the cage that just washing a plant could possibly reinfect them. It might be fine, but I just didn't want to take chances.
Exactly! I'd rather throw $100 down the drain than have my chameleon get sick again. Another vet visit+cleaning again+cost of medication+administration of the drugs+not to mention how hard it's gotta be on our poor little Chams.


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Ponazuril finally came in the mail today. Finally getting the hang of siringe feeding, but I’m hoping that I won’t have do do it much longer! I think I put a little bruise on the tip of her nose before I got the hang of it. Hopefully it will go away soon.
no worries veileds are like little tanks, almost indestructible I bet camo will bounce back in no time best wishes and keep us posted


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Hey hun how is Camo doing? How are you doing? Just wanted to check in :)
Still not eating or drinking at all on her own but her Urates are still white...small but white. I think the showers and water mixed with the formula for syringe feeding and extended misting sessions are doing the trick. I also added a humidifier by her cage at night. She’s still active so that’s a good sign. As for me, I’m still worried sick, but that’s just me. Every time I have a sick or injured pet (of any species) I become totally consumed with worry until they are well again:wideyed:
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Well that was a read, I made up character voices for all of you.. @jannb is the goat, her charms look great, some of the best on this forum. Your veiled is tough, all veileds are tough, the fact that you care enough to do so much research shows she’s in good hands, i wouldn’t bash the vet so much, please remember that we are all just keepers, some more experienced than others, but your vet does have the most profesional experience. Not all vets are the same and not all vets take the same route to treat your animal, it is always a good idea to look for an expirienced vet . Hope all goes well with your Cham. We’ve all been there.
Personally I would just buy a new cage. Not a big deal. Couple bucks for the cage and some plants,some free branches from your local forest preserve and you save a bunch of time. Owning a living thing Ike a Cham, is never cheap! good luck!!!
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