Calumma brevicornis eggs - part trois

One of my female brevicornis laid a good-sized clutch of 32 eggs today. This is the largest clutch I've received from a brev, although it was the result of captive breeding so that is most certainly why. I bred a pair in early February, and she laid around six weeks later I believe, but her clutch was considerably smaller.

The eggs are long and slender like the two preceding clutches, although I checked on the other two clutches today and the eggs have widened considerably.

Such a cool species. Back in the late 80's, I had the opportunity to keep a single male (a female wasn't available to me) that was in rough shape, but I was still impressed. It's really great to see you getting eggs from so many cool species. Hope you get a good hatch rate and strong neonates. I wish you the best in raising them up to a size where some will be able to go to out to various keepers. I know I'm definitely interested in some of the many species you've been getting eggs from so you can put me down if you're making a list. :) Best of luck Sam!

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