Calumma brevicornis colors

I've become quite fond of Calumma brevicornis over the past few months, for a litany of reasons, and have decided I'm going to continue to attempt to breed this species. I now have 3.4 at our facility.

I received eggs from a captive breeding about a month ago, but today I received more eggs from a gravid import (pictures below).

Today also marked another captive brevicornis mating (pictures below), so fingers crossed for eggs. I'm taking exhaustive notes on the coloration of non-gravid vs. gravid, breeding methods, food preferences, behavior, etc.

Today I was watching a pair mate and wanted to take a picture to show the forum just how colorful brevicornis can be...


Gravid import digging...

Resulting eggs...
That's really neat to see them back in the US. In the early 90's, I saw a few of them in a collection in PA. The male had incredible coloration.
It looks like you have a good chance of success! I hope all goes well. How many eggs were in each clutch? How long before they lay and how long to incubate? I do not have C. brevicornis just wondering about them.
Thanks everyone, much appreciated!

Laurie - The first clutch from another female (captive breeding, so I guess larger than normal) was 16 eggs. This clutch was just eight eggs, and they didn't look as good as the other clutch, understandably. However, she was digging after laying that first clutch, so perhaps she has more?
Colors are awesome , what ever you are doing at the facility it's working !
Very healthy looking Chams.
Keep us updated on their progress.
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