Gravid Panther?


I'm not sure if my female panther (11 month old Nosy Be) is gravid or not. I've looked at many pictures from various places including ones linked here on the forum. She seems to be showing gravid colors most of the time but there are times when she goes back to her lighter colors. She also seems to be getting a bit more round but there are other times when she seems to be quite thin. She has had three separate mating sessions with my male (9 month old Nosy Be) with the last one being on 01.29.22. The first two sessions I cannot say for sure they would have been successful because the male was learning on the job and seemed a bit unsure of exactly what he was doing. The third session definitely seemed to be a successful one but when I introduced him to the female today for a fourth time she was still quite receptive at first. It wasn't until he got a bit impatient while positioning himself that she no longer wanted him there so I removed him. That was the first time I needed to remove him, the previous three attempts were very peaceful interactions. Due to her variation in colors and seeming somewhat receptive still today I'm looking for others opinions on whether she may be gravid or not.

Here is what she looks like today and her looking round on 02.01.22:


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