cage plans for 2x2x5ft wooden cage

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    Had a request for this, so here it is! This is a walk-through with pictures of how to make this cage:


    The entire cage measure 2ftx2ftx5ft and the inside is 2ftx2ftx42in. Obviously you can change these measurements to make a bigger or smaller cage if you wish. The materials I used should be enough to make the inside a full 2ftx2ftx4ft. I chose to make my 2nd cage the same size as the first because I want them to match.

    Materials needed:
    7 2x2s - $14
    7 pieces of 8ft trim - $70
    2 42in oak slants - $5
    1 7ft door stop trim - $5
    hardware cloth - $37
    12 corner braces - $8
    2 hinges - $5
    2 cabinet magnets - $3
    plastic drawer - $10
    3in wood screws -$3
    1in nails - $2
    stain - $8
    polyurethane - $10
    hammer, power saw/drill/screwdriver/sander, sandpaper etc

    Start with the 7 2x2's and cut 4 pieces to 5ft and 16 pieces to 21 inches:


    Drill a hole at the top and at 42 inches and attach 2 of the 21in pieces with screws like this for each side (make 2 of these):


    Place 2 of the 21in pieces at the top and bottom and attach them with corner braces. It's easiest to mark the holes and drill little starter holes for the braces:


    Attach the other side with corner braces (works better if you flip it over and lay it on top of the other side):


    If you want a lower shelf to put a drainage bin or drawer on, drill holes 6 inches down on 2 sides and attach 2 of the bars with screws and the other 2 with corner braces:


    On each the side bars, drill 2 holes and attach the rest of the 21in pieces with screws:


    As for the trim, I bought 7 pieces of 8ft trim for $70. You can find cheaper than this, I just like the trim with the leaves on it.

    Cut 8 pieces to 42 inches and 12 pieces to 24in with 45 degree angles on the ends.

    So basically you need 4 of these for the sides:


    and one of these for the top:


    Sand your wood and seal with stain/polyurethane:


    For the back of the door, I used 2 oak slants cut to 24in and 2 cut to 41in and stained them (there are extra pieces pictured here):


    Next step is cutting the screen. I used 1/4th inch hardware cloth:


    Cut 2 pieces to 23in x 23in and 4 pieces to 41in x 23in and scrub them while you're waiting for your stain/polyurethane to dry.

    More pictures to come as I put the rest of this together :)
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  2. HecticZ

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    Nice Walkthrough!
  3. SS4Luck

    SS4Luck Established Member

    thats really cool, ive been wanting to build my next cage and this is perfect!
  4. renzo0684

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    does the cage have a spiral stare case and walk in closets??? Thats is one gorgeous cage! Nice wood work!!!
  5. serenitystarlite

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    part 2

    For the drawer, I used this one from Walmart:


    Take the top off of the drawer. Take the two bars out of the center (it's best to leave them out until this step) and place your drawer where you want it. Make some marks where you're going to cut out holes so the drawer will sit on the bars:


    I used tin shears and a small hacksaw to cut out the holes. When your drawer is in place, put the bars back and screw them into place. If you sit them a little lower than the outside bars, it will make the middle lower so water will drain better:


    For the door, place the oat slants on the floor with the screen overtop. Place your trim overtop and nail it down using 5/8th in nails (I cut the tips off with a wire cutter so they don't poke through):


    Attach your hinges to the inside of the door:


    Attach the other side of the hinges to the cage:


    If you want to add a bar to hang plants from, add it now before you attach the screens and trim (you may need extra wood, I think what I listed at the top isn't quite enough for this bar).

    For the sides and the top, lay down your screen and then the trim. I like to clamp them in place when I can so nothing moves when nailing everything down (I used 1in nails):


    For the bottom, cut the corners off of the screen so it fits. Cut corners out of the liner so it fits over the screen. If your liner is too short, you can use a plastic shower curtain to extend it. Tape it with clear packing tape. I used door stop trim for the bottom because it's water resistant (not real wood). Cut your trim and nail everything down:


    Attach your magnets to the screen with zip ties:


    Screw the other side of the magnet to the inside of the doorway:


    Make sure they line up so the door closes tightly:


    And here's the finished product!



    If you have any questions, feel free to ask :D
  6. meganm85

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    thanks for posting b/f was wondering how you did the almost done...just need to put screen on 2 sides and make the door...oh and plants of course.....i cant wait....
  7. warpdrive

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    that is sooo nice. I wish I had the talent you have.

  8. Lindsey1

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    That Cage is absolutely beautiful!!!!!
  9. serenitystarlite

    serenitystarlite Established Member

    Thanks :) I learned everything I know in 8th grade shop class! :D
  10. Not bad! do you have issues with crickets getting out or do you cup feed?

    (sorry I only scrolled through the pics :eek:)
  11. schendricks

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    Thanks for the great walk-through!
  12. jaglon53

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    where did you place the magnets in the cage cause it didnt look like you put it where the door closes??
  13. javsto

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    this might be a stupid question but what do you use that plastic drawer for? is it for storing your pets food/vitamins or as a drainage recepticle for when its full of water after misting to throw out afterwards?
  14. ryno202

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    for water drainage
  15. jasimmons86

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    My chameleons new home.

    My chameleon is moving up in the world. he is getting a new home.
    going from his 12x12x30, to a flipping mansion

    this isnt the finished product, but it will be done by sunday.

    I modified them a bit to fit my needs.
    instead of using 1/4" mesh, i just used aluminum screen,

    as for the frame itself, i stained it mahogany, and for the trim i staind them cherry pine.

    i got the plans from here:

    thanks serenitystarlite for submitting the how to on your build.
  16. Midnighthwk

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    i think i should have gotten plans for making mine, i just went off what poped in my head.
    i like how yours looks
  17. Red7ny1

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    Wow ... that's awesome . I am impressed . I'll have to try that this summer ( no garage or basement to work in ) .
  18. Samsonsfrogs

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    Have any pics of yours? I'm currently building one and want to get an idea on stains.
  19. Midnighthwk

    Midnighthwk New Member

    stain or latex paint u pick




  20. Shampoo

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    Where did you buy your supplies? And what brand of stain / polyurethane did you use?

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