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Hey guys,
just got back from buying the final things for my terrarium, wanted to let yall have a look!

This is my first time building a cage of any sort, turned out quite good I think.

Let me know what you guys think!!


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Yeah I just have a piece of MDF at the moment, dont think it should be an issue since I dont have a sprinkler setup. Ill just spray the cage a few times a day myself.

If it gets bad I'm sure I can come up with a solution of some sort.
So my BB is finally home!
Seems a little pissed from the car ride but he ate a silkworm right when I put him in his terrarium so that was a great sign.



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Nice guy! i like the enclosure also! maybe some more vertical branches/vines would be nice.
Good luck!

(what is that pot with the stones in it for? the little one without plant)
Might have to put a drainage system in it but it's working for now. Mdf board isn't exactly waterproof
if im not mistaken u have a rubber plant(tree whatever), ficus..whatever the one thats not the weeping fig...benj...something-it's poisonous.
I have a rubber tree (the one in the middle), an umbrella tree(the one on the left) and a gold Capella (tall one on the right),
None of these are poisonous.
Alright well after doing a little research I found out the bushy looking tree on the left isn't an umbrella tree after all, and even then their no good.
So off to Rona to get a new tree tomorrow!
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