Cage Build Finished!!!


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Finally ive finished my cage build:D, It has a 3' x 2' base and is 4' tall. In there I have a little Ficus and a Schefflera. I also Have a Tiny English ivy plant and a tiny red Hibiscus not shown that i am growing up for the cage in the future. I wish to hang the Ivy and a Pothos not yet acquired from the top. For lighting, I Have a 4' Fluorescent lamp w/ that i am going to get a repti-sun 10.0 for. In the Domes, i have a household CFL just for looks and in the other i Have a 100w basking spotlight bulb. I'm planning on covering the floor with some dark green turf/carpet.





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That's actually pretty good (you're 14 right?)! It looks like the aluminum cage that kammerflage sells as a starter/baby cage.


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looking cool

that looks like a cool cage for a jackson chameleon:)

hopfully he/she

likes it in there


(like that gecko on the wall in the first picture)


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you may want to stay away from putting carpet in the bottom as it could be a breeding grounds for bacteria. They sell a green cage liner that works excellent as it is really easy to clean and doesnt really soak up water. I believe it is made by rep zilla or exoterra but that could be what you are talking about when you say dark green turf in which case nevermind what i just wrote lol
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