Bulk feeder roach sale(some FL legal species)!


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Making space in some of my bins. Very good prices, limited offer. I use all of these as feeders, but some can make cool pet roaches as well. These are all easy to start colonies with. Please refer to my ad https://www.chameleonforums.com/threads/roaches-isopods-and-more.174164/ for shipping info(scroll to bottom) and extra offers up top.

•Dusky cave
60 medium nymphs for $40+shipping
Underrated as feeders, quick breeders that get slightly larger than discoids as adults. Very active!

•Deaths head
120 for $100 shipping included
FL legal

500 for $100 shipping included
FL legal
Smaller roach species which make a decent cricket replacement
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Hi James! I’ve been looking to mix up feeders for my guy, maybe with Discoids or a different mix of roaches. Do you have some species that you suggest from your colonies?


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Dubias right now, he loves them so I though other roaches might interest him

Gotcha, well discoids/dusky cave/deaths head are all very active. Discoids tend to be the smallest of the three, but they're all manageable feeders for chameleons.

Another good option could be orangehead/ivory/pantanal/six spot which are all meaty roaches that are active.

None of these^ can climb or fly either if that's important to you. Really can't go wrong with any of the species listed! Feel free to PM me, I can help out with whatever.


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One order of each of these 3 left

Ehhh well maybe 2 or 3 orders of surinams still. Looking like a lot still in my bin.


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I'm super late, sorry @jamest0o0
Happy Halloween hissers and Ember roaches, received safely! Unfortunately humid bin makes them hard to see 😄


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