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Last colonies to part with... good deals for anyone wanting a quick feeder colony. Pictures at request. I will also help with any questions you have on keeping them, these are all easy though. If you pick up around western PA I'll knock prices down a little.

•Dusky caves(blaberus fusca):
easy to breed, think discoid care. IMO they are like *prettier* versions of discoid roaches, vibrant wing patterns(no they can't fly or climb) and the nymphs have some cool color to them with a little bit of red and yellow. Active feeders that make a nice dubia replacement.
Mostly adults and larger nymphs, probably about 50 or so.
$50(price includes shipping)

•burrowing roach(byrsotria):
I have 4 bins of these, super underrated as feeders. Can't climb or fly and hardy. Nymphs are similar to dubia, along with some adults, but with being cooler looking and more active. My chameleon loves them and they are one of my staples. Probably around 50 Adults and nymphs.
$60 (price includes shipping)

Couple thousand or more I'd guess. Great smaller feeders, adults only reaching about the size of a large cricket. Very easy to keep.
Substrate will come with them. Have plenty already so I'm letting this bin go very cheap...
$70(price includes shipping)

a few dozen left, some huge adults and lots of nymphs. Can also send substrate loaded with isopods and cleaner beetles(lesser darkling). Very hardy, easy to keep. Nymphs are good feeders, adults are saved for larger reptiles.
$30 price includes shipping. $40 if you want me to send all of the substrate and cleaners with them(price increase just to account for shipping cost).

•Have about 1-2 orders of these left(bulk cleaner beetles):

•A few of these left too(bulk isopods):
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