US Cheap feeders in Brevard county


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My darkling beetles need to slow down as I’m getting over-run with superworms. I have a few hundred fully grown worms and who knows how many tiny baby worms. Take as many as you want. If you’re wanting to have your own colony, I can get you started with 10-12 darkling beetles for free (Can’t recall how old they are, but they are still reproducing).
Additionally, I have some extra discoid roach nymphs…about 100 and all small to medium sized.
I have a full colony of Surinam roaches that I do not want. Please, just take it! I had sold off my colony over a year ago, but there were some that snuck into an isopod bin and they made another colony. There may be a few stray isopods in with them, along with springtails.
If you need some giant canyon isopods, I have plenty of those too.
I have a small amount of mealworm beetles that are reproducing that is free.
Prices are whatever you think is fair. I have way too many feeders, you need feeders and I always enjoy being able to help others…it’s a win all around.
Sorry, but this is for local pick up only in Brevard County, between Titusville and Viera. Too hot for shipping.
Let me know if interested. :)
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